Phlegrean Fields Tour


Phlegrean Fields
At short distance from the historic center of Naples, it appears a moonscape: craters, lakes, fumaroles, seems to be in the gate of the underworld.

That's right that the ancients considered this area, a burning ground, where the subsurface bubbles and rise to volcanism harnessed to mythological and magical stories.

The Campi Flegrei is part of a regional park, with 40 craters. The most famous is the active crater Solfatara in Pozzuoli.

It is one of the unique volcanic wonders in the world, in fact, such a place is found only in Japan.

This crater, puffing with its fumaroles issuing the typical smell of sulfur, is responsible for the phenomenon that characterizes all the air.

Another place not to miss near Pozzuoli, if you love nature, is the Crater of Astroni, a wonderful WWF protected reserve.

The area is covered with a dense forest with many animals that live among the vegetation.

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